Grainger Museum extends Patrick Pound’s ‘creative intervention’

August 15 / 164

Patrick Pound's 'creative intervention' at the Grainger Museum, on until 30 August 2015
Patrick Pound's 'creative intervention' at the Grainger Museum, on until 30 August 2015


Artist Patrick Pound descended on the Grainger Museum for Nite Art 2015, and is now here to stay. Until 30 August 2015, at least.


Patrick Pound’s ‘creative intervention’ on the Grainger Museum uses objects in the Museum’s collection to encourage visitors to consider representations of Percy Grainger the man, the musician and the myth. 


Grainger, like Pound, was an artist and extensive collector, and Pound has used this opportunity to present some of the lesser known objects in Grainger’s collection, alongside many of his own personal items. 


Pound is particularly interested in how things can be found to hold ideas, such as how an inanimate object might project the idea of sound, rather than be used to make the sound itself.


The result is a temporary installation that features a fascinating display of items, including Grainger’s incontinence clamp, bits of half-used soap, and the hospital wristband that was by his bed when he died. 


This is supplemented by Pound’s own collection of Blade weapon magazines, an array of plastic toys and personal photographs. 


Visitors are invited to view both collections side by side, and are even provided opportunities to interact with items.


Due to the success of this installation, with over 300 hundred people visiting on the evening of Nite Art alone, the Museum will be keeping this temporary exhibition installed until 30 August 2015.


Further information on Patrick Pound at the Grainger Museum can be found at 


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Story by Jessica Black

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