CNRS visits to build research ties with French institutes

August 14 / 142

Three University researchers will collaborate with French scientists at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) on dengue viruses, colorectal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease research.

Associate Professor Frederic Hollande will visit CNRS Institute of Functional Genomics to generate innovative data on the little-known role of several proteins in cancer progression.

Dr Gordana Rasic hopes to use imaging of an unprecedented resolution to improve predictions of dengue virus emergence with Dr Louis Lambrechts at the CNRS Institute Pasteur.

The research exchange program will also bring French researcher Patrick Caudal to Melbourne to work with Professor Lesley Sterling at the School of Language and Linguistics.

Dr Marc-Antoine Sani and PhD student Daniel Weber will visit Professor Erick Dufourc at the Bordeaux Institute of Technology to improve understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. 

While deaths from cancer and heart disease have dropped, Alzheimer’s disease cases have continued to rise and it has now become the sixth most common cause of death.

As a result of this continued growth, the cost of care for Alzheimer’s sufferers is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decades.

Dr Sani said successful laboratory work in Bordeaux would bring attention to their work at an international level.

“We will bring back some of the experimental knowledge gained during our visit, and will submit several research proposal to the NHMRC and the Marie Curie European research program,” Dr Sani said.

“In addition, our graduate student Daniel Weber will gain a great experience from this international collaboration, and I hope to attract high quality French students down under in the future.”

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