University Weibo competition sparks Chinese engagement

August 14 / 141

Competition winner Liang Dong hopes to attend the University of Melbourne. Original photo: Weibo/StevenD-ong.
Competition winner Liang Dong hopes to attend the University of Melbourne. Original photo: Weibo/StevenD-ong.

A student engagement competition run on the University’s Sina Weibo account has attracted almost 23,000 views.

Weibo is China’s key social media platform, and functions similarly to Twitter.

Running from the University’s official Weibo account, participants were asked, “If you could, how would you change the world?” 

The competition attracted almost 300 participants, who contributed ideas on how to improve the world, such as promoting harmony between humans and nature, enhancing international cooperation and world peace, employing more sustainable energy, generalising higher education, alleviating personal pressure through positive psychology and establishing rational belief.

Weibo users were invited to join the discussion and became eligible for the prizes by following University’s central Weibo account. Participants had to comment on the topic in their reposts and include three other accounts. 

The two winners were from Heilongjiang Province in the far north-east of China, and Guangdong Province in the southeast. Both took photos of their prizes, posted them on Weibo, and expressed their excitement and gratitude.

“I am so surprised and glad to win this precious varsity jacket!” the winner Liang Dong said.

“It not only gives me more motivation to study hard, studying at the University of Melbourne is one of the things I most desire to do.”

Interactive Media Manager Kelvin Param coordinated the competition. He said it provided an opportunity for the global Chinese-speaking community to engage with the University. 

The University central Weibo account has gained more than 7000 followers since it began in January. 

Posts typically include campus news, research achievements, cultural exchange, and online community engagement to provide a comprehensive media platform for the Chinese-speaking community, particularly for current and prospective students. 

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墨尔本大学互动媒体经理Kelvin Param是该微博活动的组织协调者。他表示,“此次微博活动为全球讲中文的人们提供了一个与墨大互动的机会。”


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