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August 14 / 141

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SP: Hello, I’m Stavroula Psonis and today I’m joined by Tim Kennedy.

TK: Hi Stavroula. 

SP: Tell us about your role. 

I’m the Concerts Coordinator at the Conservatorium of Music, which is part of the Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne. It’s a bit of a mouthful. My work is based around programming the performance aspects of the Conservatorium’s program.

SP: How long have you worked here?

TK: I started in July 2010, so I’ve been here for just over four years. My background is as a musician, I’m a clarinetist, and I completed my Bachelor and Masters qualifications here too, so though I’ve only been working here for four years, it’s actually about ten years at the University in total. 

SP: Fantastic. Do you have a typical working day? 

TK: It’s a very interesting job and I’m very lucky to have it. My role rotates around the performance aspect of our program, so there’s a lot of hands-on stage management or front-of-house, or working with the artists, but a typical day is going between campuses – we have the Southbank Campus, the Victorian College of the Arts, and the Orchestra rehearses there, and I also have an office at Parkville, where I do a lot of event planning.  My typical day involves planning and running events and ducking between meetings. I spend a lot of my time on my bike – lots of VCA and MCM staff ride bikes between the two campuses.

SP: What’s your favourite thing about working at the University? 

The best part of working at the University is the location. I live in Carlton North, so it’s close to where I live, close to the city, good food, good coffee, in a quiet-ish part of Melbourne but still close. Just being so local to everything in my workplace is great.

SP: What’s your favourite food or coffee place on campus? 

TK: Definitely Carte, I go there every day, the boys there look after my coffee. I don’t have the crepe so often, but that ‘s my coffee run. It’s a bit of a walk from my office and it’s nice to clear my head.  

For food, I like Tsubu, it’s nice to go there for drinks after work sometimes. And Dr Dax is next to our office, so we all eat lunch there every day, just about. 

SP: Tell us about some events you’re involved in.

TK: At the Conservatorium we run a lunch hour series every week during semester.  They’re at 1:10pm each Monday and they’re free concerts available to the University community and the public. It’s a regular concert series that’s been running for about 50 years and it’s a very popular program with both the local community and staff and students.

Upcoming concerts involve a lot of our staff; in two weeks’ time I’d recommend people check out the concert by our new Cello lecturer Alvin Wong, with the pianist Kristian Chong. It’s a program called Fairytales and Beyond, with a lot of early 20th Century music focused on Fantasy and Fairytales, so that’s a great program.

We’ve also got the Mimir Chamber Music Festival happening in Melbourne from 1 -7 September, our Head of Strings Dr Kurt Thompson is the Curator and Artistic Director of that program, and that also happens at Melba Hall at the Conservatorium.

SP: That sounds like an excellent series. Thanks for your time, Tim. 

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