My Melbourne with Andy Ceperley

August 13 / 117

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What's your title?

 Project Director for Careers and Employment, Melbourne Students and Learning. 

What does your day entail? 

Every day is different - I'm sure you get that a lot - I have the privilege of working with a fantastic professional staff and a tremendous group of student peers who are divided into four groups. The careers consultants  spend a lot of time working with students one-on-one and in group settings around their career development issues. 

We have a tremendous industry liaison team who provide our face to the outside community, especially to those employers who would like to hire Melbourne talent, such as large companies that recruit heavily on campus, non-profit organisations, small and medium sized employers. Increasingly we're inviting more alumni back to campus to represent their organisations: they're proud to hire from Melbourne because they know what this place is like. 

We also have a students at work team that identifies opportunities for students to work part-time on campus, which enhances their employability skills, make some much-needed money while they're at university and establish some connections on campus. 

And then finally we have the the student connect team which is a brand-new organisation within Careers and Employment that focuses heavily on individual contact with all incoming students to help them navigate this large institution. 

Are there opportunities for staff to hire students through the students at work program?

We spend a lot of time working with many organisations on campus, all our faculties, to help them understand the value of adding bright, energetic current students who can add a lot to the organisations.

We have students placed everywhere from  sport, to the library, to most of the student centres across the famous and of course, we have many students working at Careers and Employment. Staff can contact students at work at

How long have you been at the University?

I am new to the University and new to Australia - I moved here from San Diego California this year on the first of January, so I'm celebrating eight months here, and I'm learning every day.

What do you like most about the University?

I think the people are fantastic. I've worked at several large, public institutions in the United States and certainly they have their complexities - the University of Melbourne is no exception - but it's really the terrific Welcome Mat that has been placed before me, and the staff and students who've shown me how it's done, who have offered up multiple cups of coffee, who've invited me to afternoon tea and truly shown me the ropes. 

Where do you buy your coffee on campus?

There are so many options, and I won't name any American brands because I know that's taboo in Melbourne, but one of my favourite spots is Baretto in the Alan Gilbert Building.

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