Making University Jelly

August 11 / 68

Staff from the University’s Marketing and Communications Web Team hosted the University’s first Melbourne Jelly event last Friday.

Jelly is a casual working event which sees people from many different industries and companies come together to work for the day. 

More than 40 people joined staff from across the University at the Woodward Conference Centre. 

Digital Lead Paul Tagell said Jelly was basically a chance to co-work with others from the University and wider Melbourne community. 

“We've partnered with the people who run Melbourne Jelly so we can learn from people outside the University as well,” he said.  

“The University has lots of web people who often work in isolation. It's nice to meet other people who work in the same field.

“By working in the same location every so often, we get the chance to learn what others are working on.”

Mr Tagell said grouping like-minded people in the same place meant they could explore ideas, discuss new ways of working and new techniques. 

“It's amazing how a different perspective and different surroundings can change your view of things and give you inspiration,” he said. 

“We know not everyone has a laptop, but we thought we'd experiment and see if people liked the idea of working together on a semi-regular basis.”

The next University Jelly event will be on 7 October, from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Further information,!/MelbourneJelly


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