With Emma Brimfield

August 11 / 67


What is your unit? 

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement

What is your job title?

International Engagement Project Officer

How long have you been with the University of Melbourne? 

Nearly 10 years

How did you come to work at the University?

I’m originally from Tasmania. After graduating from University, I jammed all my belongings into my car and ventured across to Melbourne by boat in search of fresh challenges. I had a job interview at the University of Melbourne the morning I arrived, which (perhaps not surprisingly) made for a very stressful couple of hours, as I had no idea where I was going and was trying to navigate around the city in my old car like a hillbilly (I even had things strapped to the roof!). Thankfully I got the job and I’ve been here ever since.

Describe your typical day

Every day is quite varied. At the moment I’m involved with preparations for an exciting new event, Global Interdependence Day, which is taking place on Monday 12 September at Ormond College. This event is part of a global consciousness that transcends violence and conflict as the dominant approach to problem solving and moves towards a peaceful state of being where we acknowledge our interdependence and act accordingly.  University students and staff will be invited to explore a number of themes through dialogues and performances, which will be sent out to the world through video, email and blogs.

What is it about your job that holds your interest or is particularly satisfying?

Global Engagement is one of the most interesting places to work at the University of Melbourne, particularly given the increasing diversity and internationalisation of higher education.  I’m most satisfied when I’m participating in projects that strengthen the University’s international standing, especially if I’m able to get creative somewhere along the way.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Well, it may seem overly simplistic and clichéd, but the best advice I’ve received is “Be Yourself”.  If you try to mould yourself into something you are not; whether it is at work or any other setting, you won’t be able to keep up the façade for very long.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say."  

What is something about yourself that most of your colleagues wouldn't know? 

I lead a very hectic double life. By evening I’m a DJ and I’ve played at several large festivals within Australia, most notably the Falls Festival which I’ve performed at since 2008. I spin records around town regularly, host my own radio show and travel to Europe each year to play at prestigious jazz clubs and other events.  Additionally, I’m an avid vintage clothes collector and my collection of 1960s – 1970s garments has been profiled on television and in various print publications. 

Where do you buy your coffee on campus?


What do you like most about the University? 

I love the diversity of our staff and students and the wide range of activities that take place throughout the year to acknowledge and celebrate it. Global Interdependence Day is the newest of these activities and I would encourage everyone to get involved! The website is: www.interdependence.unimelb.edu.au


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