Arts student Interns in U.S House of Congress

August 11 / 67

Congressman John Shimkus and Estelle Wallingford
Congressman John Shimkus and Estelle Wallingford

Third-year Bachelor of Arts student Estelle Wallingford gained first-hand knowledge of the American political system when she travelled to Washington DC with the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program.

Ms Wallingford was the first Australian student to intern with Republican Congressman John Shimkus and his team.  

The Faculty of Arts and the School of Social and Political Studies provided a travel scholarship to facilitate Ms Wallingford’s trip. 

During her time in Washington, she attended the opening of the 112th session of Congress and attended briefings and hearings to gain a greater understanding of American society and welfare by helping constituents. 

She was also introduced to the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner and climbed the dome of the United States Congress building.

 She even met the Obamas’ dog, Bo, on a tour of the White House.

She said her time in Washington was a wonderful experience. 

“I have brought home skills which I will take with me through life, which will continue to enhance the relations between Australia and America,” she said. 

“I am thankful that I was accepted into this amazing program and I would encourage all Politics and Law students of the University to consider applying.”

During her time in Washington D.C, Ms Wallingford also initiated the reinstatement of the Friends of Australia Congressional Caucus, work which was acknowledged by the Australian Embassy and Congress.  


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