In the spotlight: Rohan Workman

April 15 / 156


This edition of Staff in the Spotlight interviews Rohan Workman, Manager of the Melbourne Accelerator Program.

Rohan Workman
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My name is Rohan Workman and I’m the manager of the Melbourne Accelerator program at the university of Melbourne, and this is our new space here at LAB-14.


The Melbourne Accelerator program (MAP) is an entrepreneurship program. We provide $20,000, office space and mentoring, along with trips to Sydney and Silicon Valley. I’m an entrepreneur myself, I’ve started a business and I love the experience of getting a new business off the ground and helping new entrepreneurs or first-time entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting a business too.


So we’ve had a range of interesting projects come through the Melbourne Accelerator program. One of the teams is called SwatchMate, and they have designed a device that can scan any surface to determine its exact colour. So if you’re a DIY renovator looking to paint or you’re a creative professional inspired by colour in the real world, you can scan that and use that in your designs.


We also have a company called SCANN 3D, which is a 3D visualisation service for real estate marketing content. SO instead of your normal videos or photos they can actually give you a virtual experience like you’re walking through the house that you might buy.


Last year we had 56 applications for start up accelerator, and we only accepted six teams into it, so there were a few let down and that can be one of the harder parts of the job.


I love working at MAP because it’s a start up in a large organisation. It’s unusual, it’s new, it’s untested and we’re constantly trying new things to create this program and make it the best it can possibly be.


If there are any budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business, my advice is to just go out there and do it.


For more information please see the MAP website






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