National defence award goes to APTES group

April 15 / 155

Dr Ngo and Dr Jonathan Tran
Dr Ngo and Dr Jonathan Tran


For the second year in a row, Dr Tuan Ngo and his research team, from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, have received a Defence Capability Improvement Award for developing new protective and lightweight materials for military vehicles.


Dr Ngo and Dr Jonathan Tran, from the Advanced Protective Technologies for Engineering Structures (APTES) group, at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, have been working closely with the Thales group design team, and colleagues from the University of Queensland.


The Australian Defence Force requires military vehicles that are smaller and lighter but retain their strength, influencing the types of vehicles being developed by defence companies. The research team has developed materials that minimise the weight of military vehicles, while maintaining and improving upon structural performance, protection levels and endurance requirements.


The team has been working on a unique structural optimisation algorithm to reduce weight and increase mobility for the vehicles. Dr Ngo has also developed innovative hybrid composite structures that can significantly enhance the protection of vehicles, structures and human against shocks and impacts.


Dr Tuan Ngo is the Director of the APTES group; one of the leading centres in infrastructure modelling and physical infrastructure protection in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. He is an expert in protective technologies for critical infrastructure and has provided security assessment, risk modelling and protection solutions for landmark structures around the world including government buildings, embassies, airports, bridges, tunnels and power stations.


The award was presented at the recent Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) conference in Canberra on 17 March.


Story by Jennifer Thomas 

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