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April 14 / 134

MP Competition Team with Sponsors
MP Competition Team with Sponsors

The University's research talk show Up Close has collaborated with non-profit organisation Melbourne Pioneer (MP) to host this year’s MP Marketing Competition.

More than 300 people attended the biennial competition, which is a Chinese marketing planning contest based on real-life business cases.

Participants, who come from universities across Australia, were asked to complete a series of marketing strategies, such as brand promotion, activity planning, reputation establishment and product advertising. 

After four-month selection process from 100 applicants, 15 individuals have been named semi-finalists, including University students Joe Zhou, Yongxuan Luo and Tianyang Li.

Mr Li, a first-year student majoring in Marketing and Finance, said he aimed to use the competition to demonstrate his strong focus on functionality, practicability and professionalism, as well as creativity and passion.

“My entry is only for one purpose: how to practically solve the problem so the company’s long-term profitability would be maximised,” he said. 

The event also included the first on-site job fair for Chinese students. Internships, part-time and full-time positions were offered by eight local companies such as Bank of China and BBY China. 

Project Manager of Melbourne Pioneer, Cookie Wang, said rather than requiring competitors to deliver presentations, the event was structured as an expo, allowing audiences and judges to freely talk to competitors at their respective expo stands. 

“It not only facilitates flexible interaction between competitors and visitors, but better examines competitors’ capability to respond properly,” she said.

The top four teams will move to the finals later in the year. 

The final competition will be broadcast live later this year, with the champion decided by online voting.

Translation: Echo Shi


墨尔本大学学术访谈节目Up Close作为赞助者之一,与非营利组织Melbourne Pioneer(MP)合作举办了今年的MP营销大赛及首届华人现场招聘会。



经过4个月的层层选拔,15组个人及团队从100名报名初赛的选手中脱颖而出,入围复赛。其中Joe Zhou, Yongxuan Luo 和Tianyang Li三位晋级复赛的同学来自墨尔本大学。

就读于市场营销与金融专业本科一年级的Tianyang Li说:“我的目标是通过热情和创意实现营销方案的功能性、操作性和专业性,从而优化企业营销策略,助力其长期利益的最大化。”

与MP营销大赛同场举办还有首届华人招聘会,中国银行、BBY China等8家本地企业携数十个实习、兼职和全职职位与应聘者进行现场交流与面试。

大赛项目经理Cookie Wang表示,不同于以往营销大赛根据选手演讲进行评比的传统,此次MP营销复赛采用了现场展览会形式呈现选手的创意方案,观众与评委可以在参赛者各自的展台前与其自由交流,“这不但有利于观众与选手的自由互动,也更好地考验了选手的现场应变能力”。


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